We offer flexible meeting times and schedule calls to accommodate clients that require assistance outside of the usual 9:00am – 5:00pm office hours structure.

We are transparent and provide a comprehensive breakdown of our charges using our legal software. You will be able to see the time spent on tasks and a description of what work was done during that time. Hourly fees range from 50 to 300 USD per hour, depending on which professional is assigned and their expertise in the field.

We do not. Please set up an appointment through our website Inquiry Form or give us a call so we can discuss your matter and determine how we can help. In most cases, before we begin to act for you, we will require a retainer (a monetary deposit for legal fees and expenses), which will be explained and discussed in the initial consultation.

Please come with any documents that are relevant to your case (correspondence, certificates and licences, receipts, contracts, pictures, reports, official documentation…), a list of questions you may have, and preferably copies of the documents that you can leave with us. If you are unsure what may be relevant, kindly call us so that we can provide a specific list for you based on your case.

The statute of limitations varies between countries and the type of claim. Some types of claims have a shorter or longer time limit, and the exact nature of your claim will help us determine the applicable time limit. Kindly use the Inquiry Form to describe the nature of your claim, or contact us as soon as possible to ensure that your claim is filed within the time limit.

The legal process is not always straightforward, and proceedings for each case will be different, but we will keep you informed and ensure that we are prepared for every step along the way. During your initial consultation, we can provide a typical timeline for similar cases, and outline what you can expect in the process.


We have had tremendous success reaching settlements or plea agreements so that we can avoid legal battles in court. Depending on your case, there may be options we can take to achieve the desired outcome outside of a courtroom. Regardless of the route taken, we plan and strategise every case as if we expect a trial so that we are always prepared if necessary.